Health Services Executive (HSE)

A Health Services Executive is a licensed individual who has entry level competencies of a nursing facility, assisted living community and/or home and community based service provider in this jurisdiction or another jurisdiction. The Health Services Executive has met NAB’s minimum standards and may perform in the capacity of a Nursing Facility Administrator and/or Residential Facility Administrator.

    Practice as a Health Services Executive is a qualification that is developed to recognize and promote a quality entry-level education, continued competency, and accountability of leadership that ultimately provides quality services and support in a home-like setting with a commitment to choice, dignity, independence, individuality, and privacy based on client/resident needs and preference in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities and home and community based services. The Health Services Executive has broad knowledge competencies across the continuum of care.

      Each Health Services Executive:

      1. Shall ensure that the facility complies with all applicable requirements of chapter 449 of NRS and chapter 449 of NAC; and

      2. Is responsible for the oversight and direction of the members of the staff of the facility as necessary to ensure that the residents of the facility receive needed services and protective supervision.

        A skilled nursing facility is an establishment which provides continuous skilled nursing and related care as prescribed by a physician to a patient in the facility who is not in an acute episode of illness and whose primary need is the availability of such care on a continuous basis.

          "Facility for intermediate care” means an establishment operated and maintained for the purpose of providing personal and medical supervision for 24 hours, for four or more persons who do not have illness, disease, injury or other conditions that would require the degree of care and treatment which a hospital or facility for skilled nursing is designed to provide.

            A “residential facility for groups” means an establishment that furnishes food, shelter, assistance and limited supervision to a person with mental retardation or with a disability or a person who is aged or infirm. The term includes, without limitation, an assisted living facility.

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